School Coordinator Responsibilities

To ensure that the program is as effective as possible, the school-based coordinator/supervisor has to ensure the following conditions apply:

  • At no time should the dance tutor be left unsupervised whilst working with children.
  • The supervising teacher is to assist in the program by being as proactive as possible during the lessons helping to organise the students and to assist with managing them.
  • The supervising teacher is responsible for sending out the Expressions of Interest (EOI) to the school’s students and families.
  • Ensure all permission notes and tutors’ Working With Children Check (WWCC) details are kept on file at the school.
  • The supervising teacher is also responsible for following the timetable and liaising with the steering committee and school in relation to meetings, food orders etc.
  • Students are to be dressed in compliance with dress regulations for the Gala.
  • On the night of the Gala Performance – all teachers are to be as supportive as possible to ensure that the night is a success for all students. It’s all about student wellbeing!

Dancesport Confidence Responsibilities

  • To provide up to date information regarding the program and gala event in regular intervals. Please make sure we have your current contact details for our regular communications.
  • Train and provide qualified dance instructors, supply music and contact information to each school, and where possible to minimise disruptions to the program.
  • To ensure that all instructors have the same instructions.
  • The dance instructors will have a planned schedule that outlines benchmarks that are universal to each school (e.g: weeks 1- 5 teach all four dances to the group, by no later than Term 2 Week 10; select finalists and all partners etc.)
  • To liaise effectively with the steering committee and the schools to ensure equity is achieved.

Working With Children Checklist (WWCC)

  • Dancesport Confidence will ensure that all instructors have the correct Working with Children Checklist and will communicate directly with the school administrative manager to ensure a copy is kept on file.
  • The school must file a copy for school records.

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