The Department of Education requires you to provide a number of risk assessments as per the excursions policy documents.

Please ensure that you complete the following:

  • A school risk management plan especially for travelling to and from the venue and to cater for any particular student needs.
  • Prepare participating student ASCIA Action plans/Asthma plans and ensure the relevant EpiPen® and ventonlin accompanies the student.
  • Prepare a first aid kit for your school, including a general use adrenaline auto injector such as EpiPen® and ventonlin.
  • Student attendance rolls.
  • Print out a map of the venue.

The DoE requires that teachers and staff demonstrate a duty-of-care to students on excursions. This includes a teacher/student ratio of at least 1 teacher per 30 students. The supervising DoE teacher(s) must remain on the premises for all rehearsals and the entire evening performance in case of an emergency.

Students MUST be supervised at all times during the rehearsal and the evening performance. If a dance teacher who trains the students is not a DoE teacher, the school must make arrangements for a regular teacher from that school to supervise the group.

Below are some documents available for download to support your preparation and administration for the Metropolitan North DanceSport Confidence  Gala.

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