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Message from the CEO September 2023


Dear Parents and Carers, What an action packed Term 3 of dancing, a wonderful reminder of the powerful impact Dancesport has on our kids. July- September saw the culmination of nearly 7,000 students bring their 'Best Selves' to perform in 12 events across NSW and Victoria.A huge congratulations to all our students who performed recently in both NSW and Victoria.Many of our students are now preparing for the DSC State Championship to be held on 19th November at Olympic Park, where they will be performing new dances and new moves commencing in Term 4.Many of our students are now preparing [...]

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Eye Opening Data Results


As a Preferred Provider for the Department of Education, collection of data for measurable effectiveness is essential. The data reveals that the real engine room of change happens during the classes.The real engine room of change happens during the classes. The 'My Best Self" program is all about three core questions relating to their mental wellbeing and the changes that take place during the Term. The program is designed as experiential learning with specific wellbeing outcomes embedded in each class. Pre and Post Questions asked of our students :  1/ How do I feel about dancing with a partner ? [...]

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Professional Development


Qualify as an Instructor   As our students continue in their Dancesport journey, many wish to train to become a dance teacher.This can be achieved either through our affiliation with the World Dancesport Federation or the Australian Dance Institute.   The opportunity is also designed to help young adults with work experience, employable skills and experience in running every facet of our events. At DanceSport Confidence, we are very proud to offer a clear pathway for students wishing to turn their passion into a career.   Through our partnerships they have the opportunity to gain accredited training and internationally recognised qualifications. Courses [...]

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Victoria – Second Year of Dancesport Confidence


Victoria DSC held its second event for students of Cheltenham East and Mentone Primary Schools. Modelled on the 'Dancing with the Stars' style of judging, Year 6 students blasted their way through the competition as a team in their classes to be appraised by our very own  " Todd, Helen and Mark". A fabulous night of joyful dancing, spectacular floorshows and kids putting themselves way out of their comfort zone to compete in this landmark event. Full credit to Matthew and Karla Rooke and their team of instructors and staff members of Dancesport Confidence Victoria. The next step for our Victorian [...]

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Spectacular School Competition at Dee Why


The culmination of the 'My Best Self ' program for Seaforth, Narraweena, Cromer, Brookvale and Elanora Heights  Public Schools, was held at Dee Why RSL in September, providing an electric final for all students and parents.Many dads came out stunned by the competitiveness of the students and the thrilling spectacle of the event. " I didn't know what to expect.... but that was amazing ! " " That was more thrilling than the State of Origin " This event was the result of 10 weeks of learning in class, and provided the showcase of students achievement. The real engine room of [...]

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The Fresh Wind of Change.


As a parent and as a community, we all aspire to more for our children. The world is changing rapidly and we, (as parents) need to see around the corners of the future and provide experiences that will prepare our children. We all see the world through different perspectives: Your child may see Dancesport as fun with their friends, a beautiful experience each week, lost in the music and dance moves. But if you look deeper, you can witness greater lessons taking place. Some students are strong, noisy and full of energy, achievers that shine in the limelight and enjoy [...]

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The Impact of the future on Dancesport


For our sport to grow and develop, it will require a different level of thinking and the ability to see fresh perspectives.  Many successful businesses have failed while appearing to do the right things of product improvement and providing better services. We need to see the world as it is evolving and recognise that Education is in the middle of disruption. To understand what is emerging, and align our strategy to meet the challenges requires an open mind and to realise that there is no returning to the days of the past, we can only plan for a different future. [...]

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Its not what you say, its what they see hear and feel. My company has a simple mission: to change an entire generation of children through their ability to communicate. Every day you are looking for efficient ways to create confident, well balanced children. I am looking for new solutions to help you get them there through a culture of… Respect for others and themselves. Confidence in how they move, interact and communicate. Trust in themselves that they can develop resilience in the storms of their lives. to challenge their strength knowing they "can do" it.   Imagine [...]

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How many times have you been travelling in another country amongst strangers and you hear a familiar accent –“ These people comes from my part of the world!” You gravitate toward each other and strike up a conversation with a smile on your face. Do you remember the feeling? Something shared, something familiar, a pleasure that is difficult to express. A link to your roots – home. If you never see each other again you will remember that feeling of seeing someone you have a connection with. Building friendships and relationships are some of the biggest cornerstones of [...]


Move, groove, communicate


Narrabeen Sports High School excels with dance STUDENTS at Narrabeen Sports High have been dancing their way to a more confident, interactive future. In the past 10 weeks, 193 Year 8 students have participated in the Dancesport Confidence program — weekly classes comprising dance sessions to teach students to cha-cha, tango, salsa and jive. Dancesport NSW chairman Gordon Gilkes, who is on the national board for Dancesport Australia, said the program was designed to boost confidence, self-esteem and interaction between students. Participants engaged in eight classes at different times each week across three locations at Narrabeen Sports High. [...]

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