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    Effective Communication

    Dancesport has your child making more friends and discovering strengths you didn’t realise they had. Now they’ve completed the Challenge Event, it’s time to take their ability to the next level. With access to 30 Dancesport Studios, and having several schools feed into one Dance Studio, the effective communication skills learned will help meet new friends.

    Studios Aligned Each Week

    As each program is carefully layered in 10 week terms, each Studio location is teaching the exact same lesson each week. If by chance your child misses a class, they are welcome to attend another studio for that missed class for free. If they wish to do more dancing, you can purchase more than one program and attend other studios.

    Structured Program

    Each program is carefully layered in 10 week terms to build on the foundations your child has already learned. Next level skills and choreography, new dances and more opportunities to perform and compete. Our instructors are highly qualified to develop your child’s skill from a beginner to elite international competitor. Each Term has its achievement milestones whether a Competition, Medal test or Certificate of achievement.

    Medal Tests

    We hold medal tests twice a year at the end of term 1 and term 3. This is a fabulous way to benchmark their progress. They are assessed by an independent examiner who focuses on the delivery of skills through Clarity of Volume, Clarity of Timing and Clarity of Technique. These are the three core components of the written assessment.

    Contact Us

    Email: support@dancesportconfidence.com

    Phone: 0499 558 839

    Here is what other parents say about us

    “My daughter was involved in the year 5 school program and loved it so much we have continued in the after school program. Gordon, Steph and the Dancesport team are passionate about dance and excited to share this with children and their families. My daughter is looking forward to the next competition!”

    Lauren Bannerman, Parent
    “This is a wonderful organisation it instils fantastic values and confidence in children I would highly recommend this organisation.”

    Samantha Chiplen, Parent
    “Such a great initiative for kids. I wish this could continue right through high school.”

    Toni Lorefice, Parent
    “What an incredible experience! Every child should have the opportunity to be involved in the Dancesport program at school”

    Mack Roth, Parent
    “Just wanted to let you know that after 3 weeks Hudson is LOVING the Earlwood class!! He is so excited to go each week and raves afterwards. And I can’t tell you how lovely and welcoming Miss Sherrie and the class have been to him – they are amazing!! It is so heart warming to see the smile back on his face for his dancing.”

    Suzanne Young, Parent