June/July 2021 Holiday Zoom Classes

Dancesport Confidence is offering some fun, fairly fast-paced exciting Zoom classes
 All times are in AEST
Total cost for all zoom lessons is $75
Times and sessions are as follows – All zoom links will be provided after registration

Wednesday 30/06/2021 

Wednesday 11-11:45 am
Karla Gerbes
Latin Skills
Western Australia
Wednesday 2-2:45 pm
Steven Grinbergs & Rachelle Plaass
Ballroom Skills in action

Friday 02/07/2021

Friday 11-11:45 am
Justin Sharrock & Amy Westbrook
Latin Skills in action
Friday 2-2:45 pm
Matthew Rooke
Ballroom Skills

Monday 05/07/2021

Monday 11.00-11.45 am
Alex Fulbert and Ieva Milaseviciute

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We are committed to the pursuit of excellence and providing high quality pathways for our students to develop through their dancing. Our vision is improved performance and opportunity for every student, teacher and community we serve. All of the following programs are driven by the DanceSport Confidence values for the purpose of helping young Australians become better citizens. These opportunities allow our students to improve their dance skills way beyond class tuition to focus on performance skills and techniques that would normally require private tuition.To provide this constant development of excellence we have created               DanceSport Confidence Academy – DSCA

More information Email support@dancesportconfidence.com call 91588450

This initiative will be focused on three new opportunities:

Junior Mentoring Program

This is the pathway to becoming a dance teacher. A great introductory program for our students to help them become learn the theory and practical teaching skills needed to work toward their full accreditation as a dance teacher. Every component of becoming a successful teacher from dance skills, teaching classes and private lessons, and for the first time, event management skills. This will provide opportunity to learn every function of running dance events within our company. My vision is to have all of our events entirely run by our students, providing them with life skills, management skills and an income to assist them while they may be continuing their study after school. Mentoring our students is a vital component to the success of this program.

Advanced Holiday Workshops

There are so many skills to be explored in becoming a great dancer. Leading and following, creation of power, development of body strength and lines are all just a part of the rich opportunity for your development. These classes held each school holiday will focus on skills going way above the bar set in our classes during the school Term.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

DanceSport Confidence is now an Award Centre for the Duke of Edinburgh Award, all of our students wishing to participate in this fantastic initiative can apply for their dancing to be the recognised pathway to achieve their Award. This world leading youth development program is in perfect alignment with the DanceSport Confidence values of helping young Australians becoming better citizens.


“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”

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Here is what other parents say about us

“My daughter was involved in the year 5 school program and loved it so much we have continued in the after school program. Gordon, Steph and the Dancesport team are passionate about dance and excited to share this with children and their families. My daughter is looking forward to the next competition!”

Lauren Bannerman, Parent
“This is a wonderful organisation it instils fantastic values and confidence in children I would highly recommend this organisation.”

Samantha Chiplen, Parent
“Such a great initiative for kids. I wish this could continue right through high school.”

Toni Lorefice, Parent
“What an incredible experience! Every child should have the opportunity to be involved in the Dancesport program at school”

Mack Roth, Parent
“Just wanted to let you know that after 3 weeks Hudson is LOVING the Earlwood class!! He is so excited to go each week and raves afterwards. And I can’t tell you how lovely and welcoming Miss Sherrie and the class have been to him – they are amazing!! It is so heart warming to see the smile back on his face for his dancing.”

Suzanne Young, Parent

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