The core of the DanceSport Confidence program is in Student Well Being. This is the program that incorporates every aspect of the Department of Education Student Well Being framework.

  1.  Connect

  • Students have positive and respectful relationships with each other, their teachers and the community
  • Students experience a sense of belonging and connectedness that respects diversity and identity
  • Students are self-aware and regulate their own emotions and behaviours. Students have the social and emotional skills to develop and maintain positive relationships and engage in pro-social behaviour.
  • Parents and the broader school community actively participate in the school and in helping students to develop positive connections
  1.  Succeed

  • Students are confident and resilient learners. They have positive self-esteem, stretch themselves and take risks in their learning. They demonstrate self-discipline and effort toward their learning.
  • Students are provided opportunities to succeed and success is celebrated in a way that is meaningful to the student
  • Parents and the broader school community actively participate in supporting and reinforcing student learning.
  1.  Thrive

  • Student learning takes place in an environment which fosters and develops choice, accomplishment, positive relationships, enjoyment, growth, health and safety.
  • Students contribute to the learning of other students and to the school community more broadly.
  • Students are recognised and celebrated.
  • Staff contributes to environments which allow students to thrive by delivering high quality learning experiences.
  • The school has high expectations for every student.
  1.    Enabling School Environment

  • Students are recognised, respected and valued.
  • Collaborative partnerships are built with students, staff, families, communities and other organisations to support and develop students and school communities.

Through the Gala Performance Evenings, the school, students, staff and the community, have the opportunity to work together to  be a part of a magical event where every student shines!

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