Cha-Cha Followers Placings

And the winners are …

1st Place – Zoe Geluk – Cromer PS
2nd Place – Charlie Herb – Sylvania Heights PS
3rd Place – Brylee Davidson – Narraweena PS
4th Place – Gabrielle Hawkes – Grays Point PS
5th Place – Caitin Potter – Beacon Hill PS
6th Place – Charlize Phillips – Cromer PS

All remaining results are ordered alphabetical by first name

The Semi-Finalists

Abigail Wilson – Manly Vale PS
Aerin Schmidt – Mimosa PS
Amelia Bannerman – West Pymble PS
Annabelle Bromley – Seaforth PS
Charlotte Staunton – Ashbury PS
Eliza Brown – Elanora Heights PS
Ella Morrell – Balgowlah North PS
Georgie Meyer – Boronia Park PS
Isabel Cooper – Narraweena PS
Koralei Casper – Beacon Hill PS
Siena Novak – Wilkins PS

The Quarter-Finalists

Abigail Daly – Haberfield PS
Abigail Mattiussi – Haberfield PS
Abigail Portess – Annandale North PS
Alexandra Boulton – St Ives North PS
Alice Fleming – Bondi PS
Annabelle Santos – Clovelly PS
Annabelle Ushakov – Narraweena PS
Asher St Clair – Collaroy Plateau PS
Chelsea Just – Mona Vale PS
Chloe McGrath – Grays Point PS
Crizelle Maduli – Burnside PS
Emma Grimley – St Ives North PS
Gemma Franklin – Killarney Heights PS
Hannah Sollberger – Manly Vale PS
Hannah Stubbing – Carlton PS
Harriet Hoogland – Burnside PS
Harriet Webster – Balgowlah North PS
Heidi Harvey – Balgowlah North PS
Holly Patellis – Allambie Heights PS
Isabella Dowen – Mimosa PS
Isabelle Keating – Sutherland North PS
Isabelle Sutton – Mimosa PS
Ivy Qorraj – Beacon Hill PS
Milana Hiras – Brighton Le Sands PS
Tallulah Pickard – Narraweena PS

Round Two

Anyastazia Vella – Grays Point PS
Ashleigh Forrest – Manly Vale PS
Ashley Edwards – Annandale North PS
Azania Bova – Beacon Hill PS
Bethany Hughes – Carlton PS
Cameron Ledbrook – Mimosa PS
Cara Hatten – Killarney Heights PS
Cassidy Green – Mona Vale PS
Charlotte Phillips – Killarney Heights PS
Charlotte Meany – Annandale North PS
Chelsea Wu – Ultimo PS
Chloe Johnson – Ashbury PS

Chloe Ribeira – St Ives North PS
Coco Mannall – Mona Vale PS
Devishi Malla – St Ives North PS
Eliza Hamilton – Mona Vale PS
Elizabeth Allen – Boronia Park PS
Ella Howland – Woronora River PS
Eloise Bertoliatti – Killarney Heights PS
Emily Holt – Balgowlah North PS
Emily Zauner – Wakehurst PS
Emma Baird – Narraweena PS
Emma Devoy – Killarney Heights PS
Erin Ravell – Balgowlah North PS
Francesca Williams – Wilkins PS
Gabrielle Perry – Sutherland North PS
Grace Whitbourn – Willoughby PS
Harini Nimesh Thanikkal – Haberfield PS
Harlow Moore – Haberfield PS
Harper Owens – Mimosa PS
Indianna Bova – Beacon Hill PS
Jade Whitland – Heathcote PS
Jasmine Meaney – Cromer PS
Jayde Norris – Seaforth PS
Jemma Pekert – Oatley West PS
Jesinta Don – Sutherland North PS
Juliana Kort – Burnside PS
Julie He – Hurstville South PS
Juliette Delterme – Killarney Heights PS
Juliette Liell – St Ives North PS
Keira Loko – Beaon Hill PS
Kendi Govers – Collaroy Plateau PS
Khushi Shinde – Dee Why PS
Lia Lloyd – Sylvania Heights PS
Martine McGowen – Manly Vale PS
Millie Honour – Mona Vale PS
Savannah Masya – St Ives North PS
Sybella Hofmann – St Ives North PS
Tamara Paramasivam – Boronia Park PS
Trinity Ong – Haberfield PS
Vivienne Evans – Earlwood PS
Zaylee Zouroudis – Allambie Heights PS

Round One

Aashi Choksi – West Pymble PS
Abbey Cowell – Haberfield PS
Alyssa Chen – St Ives North PS
Anika Buchanan – Willoughby PS
Anna Jing – Manly Vale PS
Audrey Millar – Annandale North PS
Avana Lamsal – Burnside PS
Chloe Geraghty – Collaroy Plateau PS
Coco Freebairn – Wheeler Heights PS
Daisy Heckendorf – Cromer PS
Deaana Tulsiani – Seaforth PS
Eliana Shadwick – Haberfield
Emily Craigen – Seaforth PS
Emma Tao – Haberfield PS
Eva Giurtalis – Earlwood PS
Georgia Woods – Beacon Hills PS
Grace Osman – Earlwood PS

Congratulations to everyone who participated!