Team Event

All classes are included in the overall team competition. Results will be posted via email and the leader board updated on the Cromer DanceSport Webpage

All Year 5 Cromer classes have been trained by your DanceSport instructor to represent their school in the finals. Each level will be judged and released as your students make their way through the round robin of competition leaving us with the final winning couple to take out the prize in your competition. The Semi Final videos and Finals will be shared with each participating school as we work toward the exciting finale. A huge thank you to Mr Morten and Mrs Lawler for their effort in preparing our students for DanceSport this year.

Cromer PS 5M and 5/6L

Cromer 5m and 56L Cha Cha
Cromer 5m and 56L Tango

Cromer 5m and 56L Salsa
Cromer 5m and 56L Jive

Cromer 5 R

Cromer 5 R Intro by Mrs Roberts
Cromer 5 R Cha Cha
Cromer 5 R Tango
Cromer 5 R Salsa
Cromer 5 R Jive

Cromer 5 S

Cromer 5 S Intro by Mrs Scriven
Cromer 5 S Cha Cha
Cromer 5 S Tango
Cromer 5 S Salsa
Cromer 5 S Jive
 Cha ChaTangoJiveSalsaTotal
Cromer 5M and 6 L8383828382.75
Cromer 5 S8387838584.5
Cromer 5 R8284828382.75