Welcome to the video footage of your Salsa finalists. Two couples have been selected by your DanceSport instructor from each school to represent in the finals. Each level will be judged and released as your students make their way through the round-robin of competition leaving us with the final winning couple to take out the prize in your competition. The Semi-Final videos and Finals will be shared with each participating school as we work toward the exciting finale. You will be notified by email when there is an update and your students have progressed in the competition. To view the videos, please click on the images below.

Introducing our two Salsa Finalists and Our Wild card entry representing our school:

WESTP William and Katerina Salsa
WESTP Samuel and Sophie Salsa
WESTP Hamish and Chaya Salsa WC
Hamish and Chaya Wpymb86.28787868586

Congratulations to our Salsa Finalist !

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First Round Salsa

MIMOSA Lucas and Zoe Salsa
WEST PYMBLE William and Katerina Salsa
William and Katerina909090919089
Lucas and Zoe888888898887
BEACON HILL Gabe and Matilda Salsa
WEST PYMBLE Samuel and Sophie Salsa
Samuel and Sophie89.89090918989
Gabe and Matilda959594959695

Congratulations Second Round Salsa

FORESTVILLE Blake and Danya Salsa
WEST PYMBLE William and Katerina Salsa
William and Katerina90.29090909190
Blake and Danya91.69390929192

Congratulations on a Fantastic Effort!