Narrabeen Sports High School excels with dance

STUDENTS at Narrabeen Sports High have been dancing their way to a more confident, interactive future.

In the past 10 weeks, 193 Year 8 students have participated in the Dancesport Confidence program — weekly classes comprising dance sessions to teach students to cha-cha, tango, salsa and jive.

Dancesport NSW chairman Gordon Gilkes, who is on the national board for Dancesport Australia, said the program was designed to boost confidence, self-esteem and interaction between students.

Participants engaged in eight classes at different times each week across three locations at Narrabeen Sports High.

Professional dancers with Dancesport Confidence demonstrate a range of moves to students.

“When they started 10 weeks ago, students seemed to be very closed off and shy

— but when they showcased what they learned at the gala day (on Wednesday), they were laughing and very comfortable with each others company,” Mr Gilkes said.

“The gala was a bit of a competition for the students involved and the program was a great chance for them to learn basic manners, rules and reasons we have lost over time. They’ve learnt how to interconnect with each other and it’s a great tool to arm them with to prepare them for the future.”

Principal Dane Ropa said he planned to incorporate Dancesport into the school permanently from next year as a selective sport option for students.

“Kids are more accessible to each other in ways previous generations will never understand but I do think more classic forms of communication, like dancing, will help them communicate better overall,” he said.

“We couldn’t have done it without our teachers and Dancesport. The kids did really well and had a lot of fun.”

‘‘More classic forms of communication, like dancing, will help students communicate better

Principal Dane Ropa

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