I wanted to put in writing just how inspirational the DanceSport experience has been for our students. As we know the background stories of some of our students can leave us in disbelief, wondering how they cope and yet as they did on Wednesday night they stepped up to become stirring examples of resilience, grit and courage.

Maria Serafin , Strathfield Network NSW

What is so special about Dancesport? It has a transformational effect on students – it’s that simple.

In the first year we introduced the program it was with a particularly difficult cohort of students who had exhibited poor social skills and behaviour since Kindergarten .However, over the weeks we noticed that something interesting happened – the students began to smile, their behaviour towards each other became more respectful and their incidents of poor socialisation in the playground diminished.

LEESA MARTIN, School Principal Elanora Heights Public School Co-ordinator of the Northern Beaches event.

Over the years, Maroubra bay has been completely transformed by its involvement in Dancesport. It has completely changed the culture of our school.

You know you are onto a good thing when the big boys cry if they aren’t allowed to dance.

VASILKA JOVANOVSKA, Deputy Principal Maroubra Bay Public School

The program far exceeded our highest expectations and took us on a learning journey of high proportions. Seeing Hamad lift to his highest standards on the evening of the performance brought tears to many of us who knows his story although he is only one of many students who benefited from this program.

In its first year at Condell Park PS, Dancesport Challenge encouraged the boys to have courage to facing their fears and dance with the girls, despite peer pressure not to.

NATALIA GREGURIC, Principal Condell Park PS

The program was a very positive experience for our students. They learnt how to hold each other in a respectful way, learnt five dance styles that none of them had ever danced before and enjoyed interaction with adults in a different context that they were not used to. Even after the program ceased, the students were still asking if ballroom dancing was still on. The support provided by the committee was always there and having an experienced teacher as a mentor for a new school was wonderful.

KYLE MCKINNON, Assistant Principal Sylvania Heights PS

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