As a parent and as a community, we all aspire to more for our children. The world is changing rapidly and we, (as parents) need to see around the corners of the future and provide experiences that will prepare our children. We all see the world through different perspectives: Your child may see Dancesport as fun with their friends, a beautiful experience each week, lost in the music and dance moves. But if you look deeper, you can witness greater lessons taking place.

Some students are strong, noisy and full of energy, achievers that shine in the limelight and enjoy the glory of winning events. Others are quiet achievers, gentle souls who turn up to class week after week determined to achieve their goals, influencing our community with their calm well rounded approach to life. Even in their young lives, they embody the maxim that still waters run deep. Watching their laughter and energy, bonds of friendship strengthening through supporting each other and continuing to do so through tough times and good times, gives me courage that we are on the right path. The values of respect, confidence and resilience are being played out each week.

If we as a company can help you influence your child to build good habits that will sustain them through their lives, we will have helped you accomplish solid foundations that build future communities. Together, as parents, we are also gifting them with beautiful childhood memories, I can tell you from my forty years of experience in this industry, many people in their 40’s 50’s and onward come back to dancing seeking the freedom and joy they experienced when dancing as a child. Speak to elderly people in nursing homes about their lives, and they will often drift back to their childhood, dreaming about what it was like to dance with a boy as a young girl….

Finally, I want to thank you as parents, you and I both know that raising children is not easy, sometimes it requires quiet, diligent and sustained work behind the scenes in a way that no one will ever know or understand. Thank you for your support and encouragement, I truly hope to see you in the classes next year.
Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday period, I look forward to seeing you in Term 4

Best wishes,

Gordon Gilkes. Director Dancesport Confidence.

The future for our program is embedded in a clear vision.

Starting in 2019 we are lifting the program to new levels. Our hard-working teachers are all invested in the future of teaching your child and will be developing these opportunities with me in January. A full calendar of events is being constructed and will include the following.


The scaffolding to allow your child to grow and reach the world stage is being constructed through alliances with Dancesport governing bodies and embracing successful programs from Estonia and Russia, where students develop world class achievement through group classes. Sustaining my insistence that our program is to be affordable for everyone.

Social opportunities:

Where students meet and dance with student from other schools in relaxed fun social dances without competition. Learning how to interact with another human being, empowering them with social skills and communication.

Performance classes:

Where students showcase as a team to perform to a piece of music, (we trialed this at the 1st December event). Allowing them to participate and build their experiences and friendships.

Medal tests:

Where pathways to achievement is easily recognised as steps forward through Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond achievements.

Junior Instructor Development:

We will be introducing classes for students that wish to become instructors of the future. This is a nationally recognised program with formal accreditation.

Values Awards:

Regular recognition of our student’s achievement when they think no-one is watching. Identifying their demonstration of respect, courage, self-confidence, resilience, and trust.

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